1. Application of this Data Policy

The statements in this policy apply only to datasets accessible through Nothing in this policy shall be construed as a limitation or modification of existing laws, rules, and legal precedents.

  1. Licensing

Unless otherwise indicated, as stated in the next paragraph, datasets accessed through are offered free and without restriction. However, proper attribution must be credited to the publishing government agency.

Some datasets available through have different governing licenses, indicated in its corresponding metadata. In such cases, the user shall observe the terms and conditions stipulated in the license provided.

  1. Public information

Datasets accessed through are confined to public information as defined by existing laws, rules, and legal precedents.

  1. Re-use

The Open Data Philippines Task Force and publishing government agencies have no controls on re-use or end use of datasets accessed through Once datasets have been downloaded from or from any agency’s website, the government cannot vouch for its re-use, including derivative works and analyses consequent from these datasets.

  1. Feedback

In support of citizen engagement, feedback from users regarding datasets, metadata, visualizations, and other forms of content in are welcomed and encouraged. Feedback on datasets will be forwarded by the Open Data Philippines Task Force to the concerned government agency.

  1. Data providers

Access to most of the datasets will link to the website of the source agency. In such case when the user leaves, the user is subject to the privacy and security policies of the data provider’s website. However, the licensing as stipulated above shall still apply.

As the data providers, government agencies retain management and version control of their datasets. Hence, only the publishing government agency can guarantee the quality and timeliness of its datasets.

  1. General

The statements in this policy may be revised from time to time. is the official open data portal of the Government of the Philippines and managed by the Open Data Philippines Task Force.

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